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Postby toshi » Wed May 17, 2017 12:06 am

Instead, the league is looking beyond this month and maybe beyond this season, if that's what it takes to implement an extreme financial makeover after years of sizeable losses. The goal, in the words of Spurs owner Peter Holt, "an opportunity to make a few cheap air max shoes bucks."

Owners are determined to reshape the league by creating a system like the NFL or NHL, where spending is capped and small market teams truly can compete with the big boys. But reforming the NHL's financial structure required a lengthy lockout, wiping out the entire 2004 05 season. And the NFL is making money, not losing it.

"And unfortunately. I think what we have to do is we have to miss more games for it to really set in," Hunter said. "And that's what discount mlb jerseys I kept trying to tell them is that this thing is on a slippery slope and we're already losing games, the first two weeks, and if we continue to go in that decline, it may become intractable to get people to move from their respective positions."

The first two weeks of the season 100 games in all already have been canceled. And it won't be long before more games are scrapped.

That's in stark contrast to the NFL lockout, in which only the preseason Hall of Fame game was canceled. The NFL always insisted that it would play, a rallying cry that is absent from the NBA negotiations. Of course, the NFL nhl jerseys outlet players and owners were fighting over how to split billions of dollars of revenue whereas the NBA says it lost $300 million last season and that only eight of its 30 clubs made money.

"Different dynamic, I mean no doubt about it," said Holt, who added his small market Spurs lost money the last two years, which hadn't happened before.

"We're losing games, so there's a cost to that. And we also were in a very different position. NFL essentially was fighting over how to divide more riches. We're trying to figure out how to get our expenses down so we've got 30 teams that have an opportunity to make a little money, and so it's a very different ray ban sunglasses outlet situation."
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