Mechaduino 0.2 PCBs Available (cheap servos)

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Mechaduino 0.2 PCBs Available (cheap servos)

Postby Stephen » Sun May 07, 2017 8:57 pm

For those that dont know there is a low cost way to get industrial precision servos for the price of steppers... use them in your next 3d printer or robotics builds... they just came in stock yesterday. ... no-0-2-pcb

More information:

I just ordered one to play around with, but wont be able to mess with it anytime soon. If anyone is interested in doing some comparison tests to steppers I can drop it by the makerspace.

Application Examples:
    Fine, closed loop positioning for 3D printers
    Fine pointing for optics (laser, telescope, camera gimbal)
    Velocity loop for a record player
    Force feedback/impedance control for robotics
    Force feedback for gaming controllers
    Adjustable mechanical impedance: virtual spring,mass,damper
    Electrical gearing between two axes on a cnc machine, etc.
    Gravity-cancellation (counter the gravitational torques on a robotic arm for example)
    Load detection and characterization (simple case: use as a scale!)
    Paper towel/tp dispenser
    Variable load (brake)
    Variable load (generator)
    After market valve control (automate a garden hose, etc)

Other Advantages:

    Finer resolution than stepper motors (0.02 degrees)
    True closed loop for disturbance rejection
    Lower power consumption: only uses power to fight disturbances. This in turn means higher peak torque.
    Absolute position control (not incremental). No need to home on power-on

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