A few words

Look here to make connections, seek advice, etc. regarding new and ongoing business activities.

A few words

Postby snocomakersadmin » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:58 pm

This forum is provided as a free service to members of the Snohomish County Makers group, and other interested parties.
As far as I know, nobody here is an attorney, so please take all opinions with a grain of salt - they may be worth what you paid for them (i.e. Zip, zilch, nada).

That being said, we hope to help bring together persons of like minds and interests to achieve their common goals.
This being a public forum and all, we ask that you take any sensitive communications offline, as privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Couple words of advice to those pursuing business relationships (please see "worth of opinions" clause above):

1. Never offer to (or ask others to) work on "speculation" I.e. "Spec work". If you hear someone say something like "You will get paid once we've earned our first million bucks." Then you should run, not walk, to the nearest exit...
There's a good chance that the project will fizzle due to no vested interest on the part of the client, and/or the developer getting tired of working for free...

2. Get all agreements in writing, on paper, with signatures. If someone balks at this, they were never really serious in the first place. Follow up all verbal discussions with an email trail to avoid Fuzzy Memory Syndrome...

3. Get an attorney instead of listening to free advice on the Internet... :roll:
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Re: A few words

Postby chasxmd » Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:57 pm

Great Internet Advice for sure!

Remember we appreciate your passion for your product, concept or service and it's just possible you meet someone within our group who shares it or is at least interested but the group itself is here as a medium to assist you with tools and education and can not become a partner in your business. We are a not-for-profit corporation and we have a mandate to provide assistance to the hobbyist makers community and entrepreneurs alike.
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Re: A few words

Postby mark_ingram » Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:05 am

Thanks to you both. I agree this isn't a forum for creating startups, but at the same time can help someone interested in being a hardware entrepreneur. It seems like we have an explosion of Kickster funded hardware startups in the last couple of years (now when will my Hendo Hoverboard dev kit arrive?). I think there is still a huge gap between hobbyist building and producing consumer grade devices in volume. I'm currently reading "Prototype to Product: A Practical Guide for Getting to Market" (Alan Cohen) and another book on hardware startups. Unless you're brave or crazy, reading them would certainly cure you of founding a hardware startup. :-)
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