Thermistor Stops Reading at 185c

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Thermistor Stops Reading at 185c

Postby Rayancaleb » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:25 am


Well I finally got my new control board, hot end, and aluminum heated print bed. (Haven't been on here in a while because it's taken me all damn year to get all the parts.)
Got it all together, and most of it works, but I'm still having trouble with ABS printing.
Before I calibrate the steppers, I need to make sure the thing will even extrude plastic, and it's not.
My thermistor is accurate up until about 185c, but then it stops reading.
The hot end will go up to 250c no problem (using a candy thermometer to calibrate) but the on-board thermistor only reads up to 185.
I've done PID calibration, which helped it get to 185 faster and more smoothly, but it still only reads until that point.
I've ordered a different thermistor already just in case I can't solve this in software, but then I'll just be waiting even longer to start printing again.
I hope somebody can tell me that I'm just stupid and I'm not seeing the obvious solution here.

Please help.


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