njm2035 modulation chip implementation

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njm2035 modulation chip implementation

Postby multicom » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:05 pm

this is a chip i found searching for audio chips. although it is designed for fm, it can modulate two audio signals together and that is something that normally is not found in musical instruments that cost less than four or five hundred and always one signal modulated with an internal signal built in that the keyboard generates not very often do you find two signals being able to be spliced modulated together like this. Now should I use different values of crystals if i am going to not be using it for fm like the application diagram i found out was for. a 38 khz crystal like the one you are told to use in the applicsation diagram might be too much for audio frequencies. I would like to put a switch on more crystal values when i do this chip again to give the signal more variability in the future anyway i just wanted to share this wonderful amazing chip.
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