Seattle Mini Maker Faire

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Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Postby chasxmd » Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:59 pm

We are going to put on *something* at Seattle Mini Maker Faire.. I need:

1. Your time to man-booth and help out.. I'm hoping for 2 people at all times through the weekend.
2. Ideas on what to present, showcase, demo..

.. I'm working on media and hand-outs.. I'm looking for something that will interest people and children ... and maybe make someone think about joining our membership.

Some ideas I have:
a. line tracing robots
b. the 3d printer churning out small give-aways like minecraft goodies.
c. A bunch of materials that we cut and etch with the laser?
d. some kind of build kids could sit down and build *something*?

The 8x8 booth is free if we're just handing stuff out as a non-prof makerspace.. but we can get more room or even area outside if we have something bigger that we put on.

... and good ideas, go!
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Re: Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Postby kristidailey » Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:33 pm

Marketing idea-

Not sure if this is something you are looking for, but maybe some small printed sheets guest could fill out for a chance to win a gift and do a drawing at the end of the show. (maybe enter to win a free class or membership) Then on the sheets it could have a few suggestion boxes they could check off if they were interested in joining, learning specific things or just meeting new people. This is a great marketing tool to get contacts from people looking for more information on SnoCoMakers.

If anyone has been to an event in the past, they may be able to share what was popular and got the most attention?

Hope this helps, Kristi
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Re: Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Postby jordanjansen » Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:07 am

I'd be happy to help man the booth and I'll be available for planning and whatnot as much as I can. I'm guessing there are lots of completed projects that members/regulars would be happy to show off as examples of what we do. Our Robothon robot (and yours) come to mind as well as random 3D-printed and laser-cut gadgets and do-dads that people can play with.

I've volunteered there since it started in Seattle and from what I've seen, anything interactive gets lots of attention- music and lights in particular. Kids really love robots or anything else they can control but charged batteries are a must. Contests/raffles/give-aways are another good method and it's a great way to get people on a mailing list, of course.

I think stickers are a great give-away item. I have them plastered all over my shop from previous Maker Faires and it's a good reminder for websites I want to look up occasionally. There are thousands of attendees now, so we would probably need a lot. Laser-cut business card-type items would be cool, but might not be very practical for everybody who comes to the booth. Maybe would could make a bunch just for people who seem very interested rather than having them as a "grab and go" type of thing.

Those are just some thoughts, but I look forward to having a planning meeting of some sort. It's a fantastic way to get exposure for our space and a lot of fun to attend.
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